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Graphic recording

Visual Recording

Catch the debate in drawings in a dynamic and impactful way. Improve the understanding and retention of information. Live in large physical format or online.


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Facilitation visuelle

Visual Facilitation

With the help of visual methods and tools, improve engagement of participants, benefit from a structured approach to achieve your goal and optimize the time spent in meetings.


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Traduction visuelle

Illustration & Animation

Communicate in a playful and impactful way thanks to illustrations and personalized animations / videos. Visual translation of complex content. A good sketch is better than a long speech!


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Formation sketchnote

Training & Workshops

Develop the knowledge and know-how (the skills and experience) necessary for you express visually, Face-to-face and remotely.

But also books and tools to better learn in the shop !


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InnerFrog also create books and tools to learn techniques of visual facilitation and/or put them into practice. You can find all of these in the shop !


Vous y découvrirez : livre et carnet pour apprendre le sketchnote, matériel pour mettre en pratique les apprentissages, outils visuels pour soi-même ou pour l’animation de groupe

pack produits sketchnote

InnerFrog is a specialized agency in the field of « visual thinking » : visual facilitation, sketchnoting, visual translation, live visual recording, training, illustration, drawed video…

In 2012, after a career in multinationales, Paule André decides to use her  professional and artistic experience (Diploma + Photographer training in various artistic fields) and founds InnerFrog.


Since then, the company has grown, welcomed Lise Francotte (graduate in communication and illustrator) and works regularly with partners all over Europe < / strong> to best target the needs of its customers.


InnerFrog’s first mission is to help convey messages strategically using visuals .


Thanks to our complementary profiles and our skills, we work with clients from all backgrounds (multinationals, SMEs, starters, administrations, education, etc.). We are creative, flexible, efficient and responsive!


We also create tools in the field of visual facilitation: books, notebooks, posters, card games, fonts…

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    Chaussée de Mons 187, 7180 Seneffe, BE
    +32 475 441 324 (Paule André)