BUNDLE Notebook Le b.a.-ba du sketchnote + Companion Notebook + 2 Markers


A “pack” including the Le b.a.-ba du Sketchnote notebook + the Compagnon Notebook + 2 markers.

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A “pack” comprising the Sketchnote Le b.a.-ba Notebook, the Compagnon Notebook + 2 markers. Ideal for your visual note taking.


The notebook The basics of the sketchnote:

Training support to explore the sketchnote following participation in a training / webinar.

24 pages.

The contents of this notebook can also be found in large part in the book Le b.a.-ba du sketchnote.


The Companion notebook:

Ideal notebook for the sketchnote. A5 portrait format.

With 20 white pages in beautiful, very thick paper (does not pierce, can therefore be used on both sides). Acid free.

With the notebook you will receive 2 Neuland markers (specifically created for the sketchnote): a black marker for the lines and a gray pen for the shading. Ink in water.

Perfect for, for example, starting your own pictogram library or as an accompaniment to the notebook or book “La b.a.-ba du sketchnote”.

Additional information

Weight 280 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 4 cm


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Book “Le b.a-b.a du sketchnote”


124-page book to learn the basics (and more!) of sketchnote and discover the basics of visual note-taking. Inside: theory, practice and examples! The notebook has been designed so that you can draw directly in it if you wish.

In collaboration with 10 Belgian sketchnoteurs.

The book is 100% Belgian! Reflection, conception, realization, impression … Everything is local.

(Beware: the book is in French)

Learn the basics of visual note taking with the book “Le b.a.-ba du sketchnote”!

A small Belgian visual facilitation company, InnerFrog is self-publishing its first book Le ba-ba du sketchnote: a playful and almost entirely designed book to easily learn to use visual tools and techniques to convey a message, take notes more effectively, better reflect on decisions, communicate ideas …

A little sketch is better than a long speech.” This adage has never been truer than it is now! Visualizing is a crucial skill for those who want to improve their memorization, creativity, and understanding of the complex world we live in.

If you are looking for:

  • Another way to take notes
  • Stay active during your meetings
  • A tool to better reflect on your decisions
  • An effective way to communicate your ideas

Then this book is for you !

It will help you put on paper what you have in mind or what you understand from the discussions around you.

Le b.a.-ba du sketchnote” have one goal: to introduce you to the basic knowledge of visual note taking.

Thanks to it, you will discover the basics of visual language, but also tips and tricks to go further.

He will take you by the hand, explaining the theory to you while offering you exercises to improve yourself and examples to inspire you.

In addition, the book is 100% Belgian! From concept to print.

To get “Le b.a.-ba du sketchnote”, nothing could be simpler! It’s on the InnerFrog e-shop:

The authors:

In 2012, after a successful career in multinationals, Paule André founded InnerFrog, a company specializing in the field of visual thinking.

For this book project, Paule teamed up with Lise Francotte, an InnerFrog employee and talented illustrator.

Out of the question for them to write a book that does not look like their daily life! This book has therefore been sketched from start to finish … What could be better than putting into practice what you use every day?

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